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Punch Press / Stamping / Laser Cutting

Many customers are requesting more than just a spun part, they want to get a s close as possible to a finished part. Holes and increasingly more complex hole patterns are one of most frequents for forming beyond spinning, Ace Metal Spinning has access to wide variety of kick presses, mechanical punch presses, stamping presses, and sheet lasers to provide a more complete part. This range of equipment helps supply difficult hole patterns in small or large quantities. human actuated kick presses are great for small diameter holes on the flat surface of light gauge parts.

Ace Metal Spinning use mechanical presses on flat or rounded sidewalls. They are good for higher volumes, medium thicknesses, and larger diameters holes.

With to up 100 tons of force, Ace Metal Spinning uses hydraluic presses to punch up <24” holes into medium to heavy gauge parts. With customized tooling, Ace Metal Spinning forms custmized shapes like pressed hemms on holes.

Finally, Ace Metal Spinning uses CNC controlled turret punches and sheet lasers to create complicated patterns for regular and counter sunk holes on the flat surfaces of parts up to 44” in diameter. This unique capability is very useful on large commercial light fixtures.